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1. To be financially fornicated by your business partner.
Damn Joe, Stan really zucked you.
by DeifiedRS January 29, 2011
n. When Facebook makes an unwarranted change to their policies or layout that everyone hates.
A: What the hell is this new picture viewer all about?
B: Yeah, we just got zucked again.
by BillonBass February 13, 2011
(zuk'd); verb: The act of being deceived by a salesperson into purchasing an astronomically overpriced item, which significantly reduces in value immediately after purchase.
Man, we all got Zucked buying that Facebook stock.
by ryannedestroyerofworlds September 12, 2012
When you suddenly lose money. investments, property etc.. Either from poor choices or someone else.
Mark Zuckerberg when his stock on FB went public and lost 30% of its value. He got zucked.

During your divorce when the other person takes everything, you just been Zucked by your ex..
by Hawkskylord May 22, 2012