1. Pronounced by elite purist fans as "Yuugiou", the Japanese spelling.
2. A mutilation of the decent Japanese anime show.
3. Not a Pokemon and Digimon ripoff
4. A CCG game played by children and teens alike.
5. An anime containing the character Yugi. Purist form: Yuugi Has star-shaped hair.
Flamer: "Yu-Gi-Oh is a crappy little kids' show."
Purist: "Yuugiou, fool! And it kicks ass!"
by Caisha Sin'ya November 15, 2004
A cartoon shown on Tv and a popular card playing game world wide
The anime, card playin' 'the yu-gi-oh trading card game' etc
by Craaag September 16, 2005
Yugi is japanese for game and the oh! stands for royalty. It is basically the king of card games.
Yu gi oh!
by pb May 23, 2004
A childrens card game that is known for being a gateway drug to much harder fantasy games like Magic the Gathering and Axis and Allies.
14 year old Yugi: "Hey wanna play some Yu Gi Oh! ?"
4015 year old Pharoh: " Nah. That doesn't do it for me
anymore. I do Magic the Gathering
14 year old yugi: "Really? What's that?
4015 year old Pharoh: "Here's 60 hits."
by Toshi911 September 12, 2009
best card Game Out There. Not Like That Emo Card Game Magic The Gathering. Oh There Gathering Alright. A bunch Of fucking morons!
Yu-Gi-Oh! is Way Better Than Magic The Gathering. Sales Prove That.
by Neo Reaper March 30, 2009
a favored anime of fangirls who like to write yaoifanfiction. Its suppose to be about a game.But then i realised its just one big bondage pill sugared for children..what?
DO IT AGAIN..HARD!!..oh. i mean. go Monster!
by iwannabeanalcoholic August 28, 2004
1. An awesome anime which was ruined by 4kids. Has 2 spin-off shows, known as Yu-Gi-Oh! GX (which sucks on both versions), and Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's (which sucks balls in the dub, but is actually pretty good in the original Japanese version with subs)/ Also has a hilarious parody known as Yu-Gi-Oh! the abridged series.

2. A popular trading card game, based on the anime. People say it's kiddish, but its actually fun and requires strategy.
1. Guy 1: Man Yu-Gi-Oh! is the worst show ever! It sucks and its for kids! And 5D's is even worse!

Guy 2: Try watching the original Japanese version on subtitles).

Guy 1 (after watching original Japanese version on subtitles): Man, this show rocks! But I still think 5D's sucks

Guy 2: Like the original, the Japanese version of 5D's on subtitles is far better than the 4kids dub.

Guy 1 (after watching original Jpanese version): You're right! 5D's rocks, and so does the original Yu-Gi-Oh!

2. Guy 3 (pokemon fan): Dude you play Yu-Gi-Oh! you nerdy faggot, yugayho is the gayest game ever lolololololol

Guy 4: Stfu and go back to your Pokemon, which sucks and is for kids.
by Yu-Gi-Oh! fan123 August 22, 2010
an extremely lame tv show but with an "ok" card game. the show always ends with the "evil" guy laugh. the good guy saying "BEHOLD my face down card!" then something springs up. and the bad guy screams and you hear the lifepoints go do-do-do-do... DO!!! and the bad guy loses
good guy (yugioh): BEHOLD my face down card!!
Bad guy: that cards not even in your deck asshole
by kichkinet April 14, 2009

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