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An anime that was hacked up and turned into 4Kids' latest kiddie cash cow.
"I will send your mind... to the SHADOW REALM!"
"Wait, you're going to kill him?"
by Rei August 23, 2003
Another Japanese cartoon that has become so popular that it spread to other parts of the world. Debuting in 1996 in popular Anime/Manga magazine, "Shonen Jump", by creator Kazuki Takahashi. Main character 'Yugi' must help his dark half, an Egyptian Pharoah who has lost his memory, save the world from dark evil that never seems to end. A 5,000 year old game has been linked to the present day in this popular Anime series which has hooked (mostly) boys from 6-17.

That's the clean and nice version. This is the original.

When originally published weekly in the magazine, Yugi and his small group of friends, Téa, Joey and Tristan, just try to get through life living in Japan while attending a private high school. Yugi seems to get involved in "adult" situations usually involving guns, gang violence, and sex, and has to find a way out. His other, dark, half comes out whenever he feels Yugi is in trouble and challenges his enemies to games where if they lose, they must play a "penalty game" where their life is changed to make them have a taste of their own medicine. That's what it was like in Japan, before it hit American Censors.

To anyone who feels this is just another Pokémon or other Anime, blame the censors, not Japan. And, to those who are knocking this HUGE hit, how many graphic novels have you read that make you know what the real story is? Don't knock it 'till you tried it.
Person 1: Hey, did you read Yu-Gi-Oh book 5 yet?
Person 2: Not yet, but I can't wait!
Person 3: You actually read that?
Persons 1 and 2: Yeah. Who in their right mind isn't reading "Yu-Gi-Oh!"?
by Mark-Defender of YGO! August 31, 2005
The romanization is "Yuugiou".
An anime about a boy, Yuugi, who completes the Sennen Puzzle and gains a dark side, Yami no Yuugi or Dark Yuugi.
Many people call it childish, but if they would watch the original or read the manga, it's much darker.
Series 0: The beginning, showing a very dark side of Yuugi's dark.
Series 1: Battle City/Duelist Kingdom/Ancient Egypt Arc. Duelist series.
"Yugioh (Yuugiou) is an anime that shows many good things."
by Mirielle August 04, 2006
1. Pronounced by elite purist fans as "Yuugiou", the Japanese spelling.
2. A mutilation of the decent Japanese anime show.
3. Not a Pokemon and Digimon ripoff
4. A CCG game played by children and teens alike.
5. An anime containing the character Yugi. Purist form: Yuugi Has star-shaped hair.
Flamer: "Yu-Gi-Oh is a crappy little kids' show."
Purist: "Yuugiou, fool! And it kicks ass!"
by Caisha Sin'ya November 15, 2004
a) "You watch Yugioh? Have you graduated from Elementary School yet?"

Reason: watched 4kids version of Yugioh.

b) "Hey, Yugioh is super cool."

Reason: watched Japanese version of Yugioh.


Older yugioh fans no longer talk about Yugioh in public in the U.S. because of the way 4kids has edited out all the cool parts of Yugioh. Cool stuff such as death, violence, and way darker feel of the Japanese version does not exist in the 4kids version of Yugioh, so now everyone in the US thinks it's a show for 6-10 year olds. Until they see the Japanese version.
Wanna screw over an 8 year old and you live in the US? Tell his parents you're gonna have fun watching yugioh and teaching the card game to him. Don't tell them you're showing him the japanese version. Do that for a while, then watch what happens.
by Doas834 December 30, 2009
THE fuckin dubers made this show a little kiddy show

fuck the dubers
by shithead November 27, 2003
1) A card game, manga, and anime that are a complete waste of time, money, and technology. Involves characters/players yelling at each other about cards that don't matter, taking away Life Points that don't really matter, either, and generally only appeals to eight-year-old boys.

2) Perfect material for an anime music video to Barenaked Ladies' "New Kid (On The Block)." If anyone ever finds this video, they MUST watch it.
On the next episode of Yu Gi Oh!: Will Yugi be able to save the soul of his best friend's sister-in-law's cousin twice removed from being cast into the Shadow Realm by Yami Pikachu? Or will his faith in the Spleen of the Cards falter and cause him to lose his Puce-Eyes Primrose Dragon? Tune in next week to find out!!
by MadDashShaddi October 13, 2004