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A terribly dubbed anime from 4Kids Entertainment. Funny as hell, but only if you know HOW to watch it. Too serious to be a Kids show, not serious enough to be a soap opera. Hence the humor.
"*snort* BWAHAHA!! Lookit his eye twitch! WHOSE eye twitches when they see a CARD!? HAHAHA!"
by HatNClogs May 09, 2005
An anime cartoon that is spliced and edited for american viewers to make it even crappier than it already is. Yugi, the main character apparently is always hopped up on crack because his eyes are friggin huge. He also has a split personality. Because he gets all serious and talks like a cheesey sports announcer. The only thing they do in the cartoon is stand on a podium thingy and shout commands to card that have come 'alive' on an outrageous 3-D computer generator thing. If I have offended 9 year olds or loser 25 year olds who like yu gi oh, well FUCK YOU. :)
sony roolz slaps the salami to YU-Gi-Oh.
by only$19.99,less s+h December 27, 2003
A Japanese show that 4kids ruined, and if you think it's stupid, you need to watch the original, because 4kids will one day bring about the end of the world with their stupid plot-changing, name-changing, dubbing. XD People who say it's the stupidest thing ever have never seen it, or even one episode, and it's NOT just about a card game, trust me.
Noob: hey that yugioh show iz the dumbist thing EVAR!!!!oneone!!!!1! ur such a nerd u watch it haha lol!!!!one!!!111! im going online to tell people how dum it iz
Person: Have you ever seen it?
Noob: er... no...
Person: I think I've made my point.
Noob: shut up u nerd!!!.1!!one
Person: I'm going to leave now... there's no point in talking to you lower-life forms...
by kristyyyyyyyiscool. March 29, 2009
A great anime! People say it's gay...etc...and people might make fun of you for watching it...but they're just losers who haven't watched the Japanese version...

The dub is rather stupid though...I mean they cutted out some parts and made it into a kiddy anime....
But other than that it's pretty awesome!
Jerk1: Omgz it's that gay-ass show Yu-Gi-Oh!! The kid who plays it is homosexual!11111111one


YGO fan: Go fuck yourselves with a loaf of bread. Yu-Gi-Oh isn't as bad as you think it is, you homophobic retards..
by Misu Devlin August 11, 2006
Definition 1 - an anime from Japan that was butchered to make it a little kids show. However, in Japan it was not a little kids show, but, thanx to censores, a lot of people in north america believe it to be a little kids show do to the crappy editing and cheesy voice-overs. The show was very good in Japan, however.

Definition 2 - a tcg (trading card game) that is popular throughout the world. Contrary to popular belief, the game is NOT a "little kids" baby card game, the rules and to complex and advanced for little kids to understand. And most of the good players are between the ages of 15 and 25. So its unfair for ignorant, immature people who dont play and dont understand how to play to mock it just because they dont understand it. The game is very fun and requires a lot of intelligence and strategizing. Immature people like to mock it because they aren't intelligent enough to understand how to play, so they make fun of the game to feel better about themselves.
non-yu-gi-oh player - "haha u queer, you play yu-gay-ho. haha!"

yu-gi-oh player - "thats fine, at least i'm doing something productive that is not harmful to anybody, what are you doing, besides demonstrating your immaturity and ignorance?"
by SkiwootSki November 16, 2006
Yu-gi-oh is a japanese anime *very* badly dubbed by 4kids. Is about a boy who plays around with cards, watch WB to find out. Pronounced you-gee(hard g)-oh
by Will March 30, 2003
A tv show where adults try to beat a little boy name Yu-gi Moto in a childrens card game and cheat continuously. Also, the police are never involved when some one is kidnapped in the show simpy because they're kidnapped by super rich people who spend their money on holographic images.
The yu-gi-oh abridged series explains exactly what happens in the normal show.
by IntenseRandomGaming January 27, 2008