innocent childs card game, played by adults and nerds, was once an enjoyable and socially acceptable game until it became a popular tv show, then yugi kept winning this has made it demeaning and depressing, since you can usually guess the storyline in 5 minutes, for example yugioh finds out his grandpa has been taken away, goes to fight old-man-napper starts to lose uses heart of the cards, wins there finito kapput. also the fate of the world generally depends on a childs card game.
yugioh used to be cooool!
by john harding December 12, 2007
A card game that was origionally a spoof of Magic: The gathering in the cartoon and called Magic and Wizards Fans of the cartoon thought loved it so it was made into a card game.
"I just bought some new Yu-Gi-Oh cards at the mall tody."
by Sarah June 23, 2003
A religion based on the concept that spirits reside in pieces of paper with pictures on them and that they can be called forth to do the user's bidding, whatever it may be. Branches off this religion speculate that by solving a puzzle you will gain wisdom, also they think that sticking a golden eye into your socket will do the same. Most people do the latter. Due to this it is illegal in 5 countries.
Jim:Hey I'm just gonna go round and do some Yugioh worshiping, wanna come?
Ben:Sure thing, but you'll have to guide me there because I cant see with this golden eye...
by Yugi-child June 27, 2009
The newest sensation from Japan among young people and shut-ins aged 10 and up.
See also yu-gi-oh, yu gi oh
"Let us play Yu-Gi-Oh! I will destroy you with my Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon!"
by Devil August 21, 2003
a sweet card player who don't look right same for his grand pa
yu gi oh looks weird
by geek September 22, 2003
1. Yu-Gi-Oh is a card-game/show that tries to get in on the markets created by games such as Magic: The Gathering and Poke`mon. There are essentially three types of cards in this game: Monsters, traps, and magic (the latter of the two are nearly indistinguishable from one another). Comparitively, Magic: the Gathering has creatures, sorceries, lands, instants, enchantments, artifacts, and then various sub-types.

When a card is played, it stays face down on the table until you either confront it with something, or the owner chooses to flip it. Essentially, the game comes down to having the biggest, meanest, and (obviously) most expensive cards you can get for you deck. This game is about as complex as Pokemon, and that is a pretty sad thing.

2. The show the card game is based upon. Many claim that the dubbing ruined it- just like everyone claims every other anime show.

The premise of the show is basically Yugi's grandfather is captured by the evil Pegasus, who wants to unluck the power of the millenuim pieces and cards. So Yugi, who has a pyramid necklace called a "puzzle," sets out with his friends to Pegesuses island to enter his card competition. He then beats people in impossible situations using his puzzle to turn into his taller, deeper voiced alter-ego. Depite the fact that he's twice as tall as midget-boy Yugi and has a easily distinguished voice, the other characters remain ignorant of the change. He then wins by places his trust in the cards and lectures the people he beats about how they don't believe in their cards or treat them right. In other words, it's the same recurring theme from Pokemon.

The further the show progresses, the more ridiculous it becomes with it's Egyptian pharoh thing and the recent "God-cards" (further alienating those who don't have or refuse to spend large sums of money to buy those cards).

Don't believe what fans say: this is, essentially, Pokemon all over again- just with darker looking monsters.
Now the Yugi-fans are going to get me...
by Bobo the Goat February 26, 2005
A really fucked up card game that needs to be destroyed because it sucks hind leg!
yo dude that yu gi oh is so fucked up to the extreme!
by ~*!*~ Jessy Lynn ~*!*~ February 13, 2005

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