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(Noun) The most good looking palestinian out there. A prince, strong, amazing, sexy as hell and an amazing lover. Overall an outstanding person, and a perfect boyfriend especially.
Yousef is my boyfriend, so you know what that means; I have the best.
by laanniiee February 13, 2010
Sexiest Egyptian alive. Will surely drop all the ladies jaws in astonishment due to his incredibly good looks. Females have no choice other than bending over in front of him.
Oh god is that Yousef! Why do I have the sudden urge of wanting to suck him off?! There's nothing else to say, he's amazing.
by Skater1000 January 29, 2014
YOUSEF = Hot asian crazy ass sex ... !!!
ohhhh dat yousef mofo is ass crazy
Yousef is a little ectomorph who doesn't lift at all, Yousef thinks he would be the next Egyptian Einstein, Yousefs nuts are as small as a molecule, and his penis, which I'm not too sure about, is probably as big as 2 atoms. Yousef is also secretly inlove with zac efron, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Yousef is currently in a relationship with his dead cat. Yousef is born on... I actually have no idea. Yousef masturbates to cat porn, and will try it on his dead cats body. I've heard Yousef uses an electron microscope to look at his penis, since his hands are too big for his penis he uses tweasers. Yousef lives in a garbage can since his dad kicked him out of his house, Yousef is scared of the dark. He checks himself out while no one is looking. Yousef wishes he was a girl because of his long curly hair. Yousef music taste is very bad, so is mine because I listen to that too, anyways he listens to Satan getting strangled and shot. Yousef got his girlfriend deepthroating his friends.
Yousef is as pointless as history class.
I saw a Yousef at school.
Yousef thinks he's my dad.
Yousef keeps dreaming about my older sister.
Yousef is an idiot.
by Ilovefridges November 25, 2013
basically the most self-centered person ALIVE; a compulsive liar; if possible, he'd date himself. he always checks out other girls and he will NEVER EVER..EVER be a one-girl kinda guy. he may act as if you're the only girl for him but, trust me your one of many..
My name's Yousef, and i think i'm the most incredible person out there, but really i'm a self-centered piece of scum ;]
by xxbreakkkkawayx February 15, 2010
Yousef, noun. 'go fuck your self'
"hello generic bad student number one"


"i dont know what that means but im sure it was a swearword. detention! kids from now on the use of the word 'yousef' is banned."
by gtasghhehaeh October 05, 2007
A closeted homosexual who tends to reveal his inner Elton John at dramatic crescendos in pop ballads (by doing either or both of two things: a) sobbing manically and/or b) singing and performing in a public space as if his hair was made of glitter and he was wearing a backless, strapless, corseted Vegas showgirl gown). Despite his fondness (and ultimately, emotional weakness) for Zac Efron and the pompadour hairstyle, Yousef also engages in typically all-male (and thus, implicitly homo-erotic) activities, such as American Football, watching Arnold Schwarzenegger work out videos on youtube, and making up different ways to kill Japanese people.

Nevertheless, Yousef is kind to small animals.
Yousef: Dude, let's watch that video again!

Friend: Nah...I'm tired. It's three in the morning, man.

Yousef: But again! Those muscles! Those glistening biceps! The sweet drop of sweat on his brow! No one can beat Arnie.

Friend: Um...ok, I'm going to bed.

Yousef: Wait. I want you to listen to this new Leona Lewis song. It's fabulous.

Friend: Not if you cry again.

Yousef:...but can I sing?
by youseflovesselfridges May 23, 2010

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