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When you get to know a girl and may be have a flirt, too and she suddenly turns colder and tries to unobtrusively place the words "my boyfriend" in the conversation she is boyfriending you to impact that you do not have a chance to score.
Usually this happens when you have done something that made her reconsider (in this case often there is no boyfriend) or she did not have a drink for more than half an hour and begins to have second thoughts about cheating on her (existing) boyfriend.

You: "Did I tell you that i travelled the world for the last couple of years?"

Her: "Aaah, that sounds interesting. My boyfriend went on a three weeks vacation last year too."

You: "Hey, dont boyfriend me! (off you go)"
by gaffa80 November 27, 2011
When a girl leaves her zone (school, home, squad, church etc) to spend time with her boyfriend
Peggy : Where are you?
Denise : I'm boyfriending
by Aphrodite_XX October 19, 2014
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