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When a person manages to stay angry throughout their life- no matter which direction it is taking
No matter how her life is going, she is always pissed off! She's a case of anger management, if I've ever heard one.....
by meadow soprano November 16, 2005
A commonly misused phrase, used to describe someone with anger issues. Used after the film of the same name came out.
Fuck! You've got anger management!
by Twatty McGee October 10, 2010
Something I need at the present moment.

Especially after seeing something that I dislike.
Anger management.

Person 1: Talk about my sister, brother, cousin, friend, one more time and see what happens to you!

Person 2: Damn, looks like she needs some anger management.

Person 1: No, maybe if you would just get a life and stfu.
by hilarity and such April 20, 2013