a term of delight and appriciation used on b3ta by b3tans
woo yay i love that!!!
blow. that white girl.
i can't fuck with that yay cause i'm broke so get me some headies.
by mark k June 18, 2006
im happy and joyful and excited and happy and happy and happy
yay! im happy
by me!!:) September 22, 2003
Also see the correct spelling at Llello Spanish double L sound is the same as english y....
Man I lleyed last week
by Stestes May 03, 2003
A special form of 'yay' with emphasis on the Y. Used to express delight or happiness.

(first introduced by Maria Marklove)
by Chris Branch March 16, 2003
A word used to express happiness, not coke you basketcases.
"Yay! I just adopted a hobo!"
by Kay January 16, 2004
A very stupid stupid phrase common of Auburn,Alabama.

Meaning "I tricked you."

yays is often preceeded by a phrase of gibberish being responded to by either "huh" or "what". Can sometimes be turned around as shown in example 2.
Brandon: Hey, Sunshine.
Sunshine: Hey.
Brandon: Sabotabo?
Sunshine: Huh?
Brandon: Yays!
Sunshine: Shut up.

Lamar: Sup, Mercedes?
Mercedes:Nuttin' Much, You?
Lamar: salataladat?
Mercedes: Yays!
Lamar: Damn it!
by I. Jackson December 21, 2004

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