cocaine name on the streets
go and fuck up the courier with the yay
by yipyyay April 28, 2007
An obnoxious incorrect spelling of the word "yea", used as a positive exclamation or sign of approval. This spelling was likely invented by teenage girls using instant messaging during the '00s.
"OMG we shuld totes hav a slumber party!!!"
"With pillow fites 2!!!"
"Amber sed shes comming!!!"
by Dick Shunnary October 10, 2009
Cocaine, snorted, injected or rarely, swallowed.
My cousin died over some yay and I miss him, T.I, Live in The Sky, King(2006)
by Tip Harris June 13, 2006
1 Exclimation of Happiness

2.Slang name For Bay (area)
1. I just got robbed. YAY!

2. You from the yay?
by ac February 13, 2004
If you snort all my yay I'll have to kill you!
by Nose April 09, 2003
1. int. a word used to signify being pleased with something.
2. Verbish for "yes!"
Matt-hey scooter.
Me-what's up?
Matt- you want to play bownd?
by Scott Jackson August 09, 2003
a term of delight and appriciation used on b3ta by b3tans
woo yay i love that!!!
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