A slang term used for crack/cocaine.

hiitscarolinee: i want some yay
by beefcake408 March 10, 2008
Cocaine, snorted, injected or rarely, swallowed.
My cousin died over some yay and I miss him, T.I, Live in The Sky, King(2006)
by Tip Harris June 13, 2006
1 Exclimation of Happiness

2.Slang name For Bay (area)
1. I just got robbed. YAY!

2. You from the yay?
by ac February 13, 2004
Yay is an exclamation of happiness, you drugged up morons.
Yay! I just put down people I don't even know!
by Lyzz November 26, 2003
If you snort all my yay I'll have to kill you!
by Nose April 09, 2003
blow. that white girl.
i can't fuck with that yay cause i'm broke so get me some headies.
by mark k June 18, 2006
yay means... either cocaine or that you are happy about something
see w00t
Teammate 1: Yay... We won
Teammate 2: hooray yay yay yay we win...
Enemy 1: yay we lose

Teammates 1 & 2: WTF
by Craig Smith May 07, 2005

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