A happy word! I mean look at it! It looks so happy!
You know what's a happy word? Yay!
by i like ponies and unicorns December 26, 2009
A Rosedale slang used to describe any female. Negatively or positively.

A simple a** female.
These yays be actin up & a Rosedale n***a ain't lettin 'em
by NaeNaeNoYay January 10, 2014
1. Slang for Cocaine.
2. Slang for cocaine that is relatively cheaper than the real stuff because it has been cut into a much less pure form.
3. An expression of enthusiasm or joy, often meant to be facetious.
Yay, a bag of Daz!
by Illusion420 August 31, 2010
Much joy or happiness
"Whoo, HOO!Yay! School is out for summer! See you guys next year!"
by anonymous March 12, 2005
the monosylabbic celebration phrase that is better than lol like COD6 is better than cholera. Does not stand for anything and can be semi ironic.
"Oh my god, the US government have invented a new gun"
by QuicklyLosingPopularity February 06, 2010
A slang term used for crack/cocaine.

hiitscarolinee: i want some yay
by beefcake408 March 10, 2008
cocaine name on the streets
go and fuck up the courier with the yay
by yipyyay April 28, 2007

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