Short for eXtreme Programming: a software development methodology that favors small teams and an iterative, design-as-you-go approach.
We use XP in our software shop.
by slonob February 01, 2004
It can also mean a dead face by closing the eyes and sticking your tongue.
Driving retarded in rain or snow can cause major injury or XP.
by Bone June 18, 2005
Micro$ofts latest rip but wildly available for FREE if you know where to look. Get the latest copy and disable all the junk.
by TK June 06, 2004
Synonym for something that looks fairly decent but sucks ass when you try to use it.
Man, that eco-car four-banger car you bought is really XP, bro.
by The DON October 16, 2002
Windows' Xtra Pain Version, but it is still better than macs.
A: Wow Macs pwnz
B: You loser
by unknow source December 08, 2003
Xtra Penetration
Bradley went to spelman to get some XP!!!
by Dr. Arbitrary March 18, 2003

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