An emoticon that is used to portray either laughter or death. For this reason, it is extremely ironic and often creates confusion between texters.
Max: "Carmen just fell off her bike! XP"
Landon: "Oh my gosh! Is she okay?"
Max: "Whoops my bad the XP was a laughing face this time!"
by Maccat9 August 10, 2014
X-P or XP or X^P is the text face (like :) and others) representing anger and sticking toungue out which other smileys only show either anger or silly sticking toungue out
i hate you X-P
by ∞♂¹©•13 March 04, 2008
The International, Universal, Inter-galactical emoticon face of Constipation. Can be used in place of the words, constipated, constipation, constipate.

Commonly misinterpreted to be:
A) laughing-with-tongue-out
B) a version of Windows

Misuse can result in disgust and confusion.
Correct use:

Person C: "Hey, how are you today?"
Person D: "I'm pretty good. A little XP"
Person C: "Oooh, damn. Want a Laxative?"
Person D: "Thanks that would be awesome!!!"


Misuse 1:

Person X: "...then she told this joke and I was all XP!!!"
Person Y: "Ew, you're Disgusting!!!" *Pukes*

Misuse 2:

Person X: "Hey, what's your computer on?"
Person Y: "Windows XP"
Person X: "Ouch. I know the feeling, man."

Misuse 3:

Person Y: "I wanna make you XP"
Person X: "Excuse me???"
by Goodness June 21, 2007
An emoticon for a sneering face, ie "You're an idiot!"

Also the name of a Window's operating system, ie "You're an idiot!"
by Hippy on a Bicycle October 22, 2003
The latest operating system to be conceived by Microsoft. XP is short for experience.
"TheMann can't afford to buy XP, it seems his rusty trombones are cheap."
by pro-nun-see-A-shun January 01, 2003
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