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wank fodder. material to masturbate to, ball epmtyingly sexy, porn, fantasy fuck.
just gonna sort myself out over some spelman. who needs porn when you have some spelman?
i've just filled my wank sock over some spelman.
#porn #wank material #jazz mag #fantasy #dream
by dunk1127 April 14, 2009
A perverse sexual activity popular with psychiatric patents. This activity involves psychiatric patients persuading their nurses to perform sexual activities with them (sometimes as perverse as the patient). The patients achieve this by persuading their nurse that they will never get better unless he can perform a certain sexual act on them. In extreme cases they have persuaded them to pretend to be their girlfriend, and even Marriage.

This activity is named after a patient who was the first and only patient to persuade his nurse to marry him.
that psychiatric nurse has been spelmaned
#spelman #psychiatric #psychiatric patents #psychiatric nurses #marriage
by Johny5 October 04, 2006
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