there once was a demon called Mai-kro-zopht who planned to unleash his evil unto the unsuspecting world. it created a gigantic box of green and black. into it he poured all of its evil and malice. it sold the evil box with "Internet connections" and "super bloody sadistic shooters". Staring into the green circle gives you cancer and syphilis, playing one kills puppies...
Little Boy- Hey, look at this a cool xbox! I think i'll play it an- fluffy? FLUFFY! NNNNOOOO!!!!!11!!!!
by Sauronschef May 24, 2005
what N00bs and morons call microsoft's console which is really called the Xbox.
For the last time noob, it's Xbox! there's no freaking hyphen!
by Eric December 08, 2004
An extremely solid object whose use and purpose is quite undefined yet.
#1: Dude, you heard that story about a guy who shot at an X-Box with a gun and the X-box didn't even get a scratch?
#2: Cool. Now I know what mine's gonne be used for.
by Guigui January 22, 2004
Another way to say your ex girlfriend.
My x box bought me an x box. Or- My x box is a crazy bitch who fucks persian dudes in the bathroom at nightclubs.
by The Rodeo Clown October 22, 2009
The device that Bill Gates will use to gain troops to help him achieve the status of being the Anti-Christ.

You see, in every X-Box, there is a secret timer that is set for a specific date and time, and at that specific time, all people who are playing X-Box will see a screen that will convert them to be Gates' minions. They will be the first warriors that Gates will have, but he will soon gain more.
Person 1: I got a X-Box!
Person 2: Don't play it!!! You will become part of Bill Gates' plan to take over the world!
Person 1: Oh...Mom, take me back to Best Buy, I need to return my X-Box!!
by Bryan June 06, 2005
The most fanboyed and overrated console to date.

Proof that no one in Redmond knows how to market anything; as the most "X-treme" letter in the alphabet is paired with a brief description of its shape.

Lives solely off it "superior Graphics."
"Did you play on your XBox last night?" "No, leave me alone you materialistic prep!"

"We need to launch a console..."
"Kids these days like the letter X, put an X on it."

Bill Gates was wrong when he said the future of video games is graphics, the cornerstone of the industry will always be how fun the games are to play over the way they look.
by PeaTearGriffin097 February 15, 2005
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