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The first format that allowed home users to play movies on a TV rather than going to a theater. Debuted somewhere around 1970, VHS tapes allowed people to record Televison programs off a VCR. It was considered a breakthrough technology until DVD's came out around 1997.

The truth is, VHS tapes are more durable than DVD's. They can be thrown around, gotten wet or stored in high heat, and still play. The minute you get a scratch on a DVD, it will skip. You can't break a VHS tape, but a DVD can be snapped in half.
I've still got an old copy of ET from the 80's, and lots of recorded programs from the 80's and 90's. I love VHS!
by LadyLomia November 13, 2006
A game console that people are more interested in hacking and modifying rather than playing games.

A console made by Microsoft simply because they want to dominate everything available.

They already have a hold on the computer OS industry, but seem to want to take over the video game industry as well.

A rather medicore game console that is made interesting only because you can hack and edit it, but has no real good games.
The same type of games on Xbox can be bought for a PS2 or on a PC/Mac.
by LadyLomia November 16, 2006

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