word used to describe something huge
Chris: did you see that girls ass

Sangit: yea man its XBOX!!!
by Sangit December 14, 2007
A hideous weapon released by Microsoft designed to brainwash children, ranging from ages 6-49, into destroying its competition (Gamecube/PS2). It is also capable of acting on its own if the user is not coordinated enough to wield the obscenely sized controller. (Highly flammable)
"Dude, I forgot to turn off my xbox, and it fucking burned down my garage...ON PURPOSE!"
by Bailey Donovan May 11, 2005
The 8th wonder of the world, not because of its power, but because of its size. Known to man as the largest console in the world and probably the universe. Not only do you get the enjoyment out of playing crap games on it like Halo, but when suspended from a crane you can even use your Xbox as a wrecking ball!
Someone get this Xbox off me!!
by Teh 4ce January 12, 2006
A chunky but monsterous console. Not for poeople with short stumpy fingers as they cannot reach the buttons on the controller.
D00d im too wasted to operate heavy machinery.
by 3dgecrusher July 20, 2003
Contary to popular belief, the xbox isn't really a game console but a nuclear missile silo that is controled by Bill Gates as the Playstation 2 can shoot nuclear scud missiles and the Gamecube is an atomic bomb. Now with the new consoles coming out, they may use them and the unknown weapons they have in the new consoles.
The truth of the playstation, xbox, and gamecube is out there!!!
by ohssnap January 07, 2006
A powerful gaming console that was the only basis for which developers could untilize their dreams with games like Unreal, Halo, Ninja Gaiden, and Barbie Horse Adventures. Although it flopped in Japan due to it's incredulous size (even I had to wonder, what the hell was up with the controllers?) it revolutionized gaming history with it's incredible online system, it boasts powr the Playstaion 2 can only dream of, and for obvious reason, it came out afterwards. People who say the Xbox is inferior to PS2 are people who are too blind to realize great things.
If you like FPS's and sport's games and like better graphics, get an Xbox.

If you love RPG's and adventure games more then the patter, then a PS2 is for you.

If you love modern classics, new and old, then a GameCube is just your choice.
by Yo no se June 19, 2006
Microsoft game console. Overly large and bulky with a terrible controller.
God created light, and saw that it was good. Then Bill Gates was born, and he created Xbox, and God saw that this was bad. And many people loved the Xbox, and God saw that world had become full of idiots.
by thegreatwhitehype January 04, 2004

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