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A word to describe well-endowed, horse-like men.
She was definitely limping the next day after sleeping with Joey "The Silo" Thayer.
by A Camel March 17, 2007
A tall 16 or 24 ounce can of beer.
Dude, look... he's drinkin' a silo!

The farm boys were sittin' around pounding a 6-pack of silo's.
by Bin Drinkin December 27, 2007
A 24 ounce Pabst Blue Ribbon beer.
Gimme a couple of silos.
by sam mobo September 07, 2006
One who exploits, hacks, or finds loopholes in a system, usually involving a game or programming technique.

It can also mean to solve a problem with genius-like finesse or hack/exploit something perfectly.
noun: "...so i'm basically the "SiLo" of this online chat thing, and the staff hate me already. I already got thrown into their "detention center" for exploiting a graphic glitch.. and while I was in there, I was able to perfect my client patch that allowed me to access a normally blocked function anywhere I want."

verb: "Dude, I totally SiLo'd that problem for Java class."
by asdfjklsemicolon October 11, 2005
chillin with yourself or with your boys
chillin on the silo at my base
by Hg19 December 16, 2008
An adjective used to describe something extra cool or "cooler than cool"
That new car is silo.

A: Hey, I just bought a new car.
B: Silo.
by Thrill March 08, 2006
Silo is a user on GameFaqs. An alt of The Crimson Corsair

He is also an alaskain bum that lives in an igloo
"Get a job silo, you dumb fuck"
by CrazyGamer343 December 19, 2004