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1) A console produced by Microsoft in which they lose money per console sold.
2) A horrible, generic, clunky console created by the low quality company, Microsoft. It is a console that only survives because of Halo, and without it, it would be nothing. Microsoft believes it is a valid strategy to buy out as many companies as possible to create games for their console only; even though once said games are released, they are still awful. Known to have a large following of Xbots, they will blindly sacrifice their lives to make sure that everyone believes Xbox is the best just because it has Halo.
3) A console which has two good exclusive titles: Halo and Halo 2. All other titles are a) bad or b) multiplatform.
4) A console that is of such poor quality that thousands had to be recalled because the adaptor cable was defective and could cause fires. Controllers are bigger than most houses.
Samuel: I think that I am going to buy an Xbox; I want to support my favorite company, Microsoft.

George: Well, if you really want to support them, you shouldn't buy an Xbox. They lose money each time one is sold; so you would be doing them a favor. Besides, if you want it for the games (read: Halo), then you should just get a better computer, since all of its games are ported onto the PC eventually, anyway.

Samuel: Thanks, George! You're a real pal!
by Galant May 14, 2005

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