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The sort of person who at a party whilst alone on a landing might flash about their small dick
"Look, that guy has a bit of a woodcock""Well at least he hasn't got it out on the landing....oh....he has"
by Bentall May 12, 2008
1. A person who makes racket at the slightest provocation, is easily excitable and pulls a variety of silly faces for little reason.
2. Getting a splinter in your dick.
"That Annie is such a woodcock, especially if Neighbours is on."

"Man, last night, slid along the unvanished floor and ended up getting woodcocked."
by I Love Tarquin February 09, 2008
come on wood and cock in the same name what needs to be said
wood hard and funny cock funny and hard woodcock
by pdx drinkers August 02, 2006