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1. to put the hand, finger, etc., on or into contact with (something) to feel it; touch.

2. to touch something, anything with a connotation suggestive of mischief or prohibited behavior.

3. to touch it...preferably in Miami.
"Y'all don't want beef in these streets, trust the boy/ I said, even Jerry couldn't dusk the boy."

"Chrissy dusked it in Miami."
by LightworkBossMcDougalstein December 06, 2011
A Dusk is an intelligent breed of wolf/human. She reads wayyyy too much and laughs a lot too. A Dusk will kick butt if you mess with her, but can also be nice and caring. She will always take good care of her balloon childs.
Dusk saved the balloon while reading her book!
by Cooler Night Alice July 03, 2009
adjective, meaning ugly or horrible
pronounced doosk.
person 1 - josie's bare dusk
person 2 - awh thats mean.
by Pachsa October 25, 2007

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