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A white guy who gets toyed with by an asian hottie and then is not given any sexual release.
- Man, that smokin' asian was all over you in the club. Wish I was you last night!
- Ya, right. She bolted for home as soon as we left the club. Said her parents had a curfew.
- What, you didn't even get to jack on her bitty asian titties?!? Dude, you've been wonged! That shit ain't right.
by Foo man choo June 04, 2011
when you make plans with a chick and at the last minute she says she's invited her friend along.
"made plans for a nice little day canoeing on the lake, then at the last minute I got Wonged and had to decline."
by lowestform July 15, 2012
Wonged; Not to be confused with the sexual act of being "wonged". Its true origin comes from the renowned American actor Bradley Daryl Wong AKA B.D. Wong, best-known for his role as Dr. George Huang on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. The word "Wonged" is defined as a verb, it means to be owned, or mind fucked. B.D. has been tearing criminals minds apart and making full grown serial killers and rapist cry since 1983 and his only weapon...the ability to "wong" you at any second and for that Dr. Wong...we Thank You.
Have you been watching the Illini get wonged on all this season by the Badgers

I heard Jerry got wonged yesterday by that exam.

Now that's a wonging-Puff Daddy
by Only If It started with a K November 14, 2010
Named after Alex Wong, the biggest pimp in the world. He loves jello shots and hitt'n it and then hitt'n it some more. this guy is so crazy he is the stuff of legends. Once he gets freakys with a girl, they've been "wonged".
this one time alex wonged one girl then bounced and wonged another and then wonged another and then smoked a blunt.
by alexloverpal September 22, 2008
To be wonged is to be beaten by the Wongsta.
Haha, Wilson got Wonged!!
by MrPetts October 18, 2003
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