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To cock slap a person while said person is on the ground.

It's derived from a kid from California who was kicked out of high school for sexual harassment. His last name was Wong. He was kicked out for sexually harassing girls.

One day during P.E. one kid was running and tripped. He fell to the ground. Wong came up to him, pulled out his cock, and cock slapped him. So "to wong someone" means to cock slap a person while that person is on the ground.
James ran and slipped, so Kenny took advantage of the situation and started wonging him. James was scarred for life, Kenny got suspended.
by thoroughlycreepedout June 30, 2009
56 5
to ass fuck an oriental
Where's Conrad?"He went wonging!!"
by radicalC March 21, 2011
10 1
To make a large amount of money
My mate Billy was wonging it after he put 50 quid on Everton to whip Liverpool and won 50 grand!
by Doddi September 04, 2007
32 23