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to eye; look or stare at. often when sexually attracted.
John was ogling Kelly's breasts
by arsehole March 18, 2008
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To Ogle. Usually used in it's verb form (Ogling).

Ogling consists of taking a photo while sitting at a table and pursing your lips while being accompanied by a wine glass filled with an unusual (and sometimes inappropriate) object placed within (either liquid or solid). You must then name the photo Your Name Ogling with a whatever item you have in your wine glass and post it to oglingeverywhere . tumblr . com

In the photo, Oglers (the name for practitioners of Ogling) may choose to improvise their costume of choice as well as the object in their wine glass to match their theme of their overall photo. While there are few rules to ogling, most people either choose to make their photos as completely random as possible or go to great lengths to coordinate all the props used in their photos.

Named for Sean Ogle who originated the pose unintentionally.
"Sean was Ogling the other day."

"I know, he's ALWAYS Ogling"
by The Ogler March 24, 2012

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