something super cool, or beyond awesome.
yeah, the show at the metro last night was wizzer.

wizzer shoes, bro. they look good.
by jared the sell out March 31, 2011
Ther word Wizzer is used as a term for the drug Speed.

"hey man can you score me any wizzer"

"Can i get a gram of wizzer"
by KrAzYHaYzY February 28, 2009
(to take a wizzer) n. - The superlative form of a whizz or just a plain piss. Wizzers are usually an extreme or prodigious piss that is special in some way:

1. When you've held it for a long time

2. A special or unique piss

3. A long whizz.
1. I held my piss for 30 days and yesterday had an awesome wizzer!

2. Boy: Let's go sign our names on that concrete wall.
Girl: Yeah, I feel like taking a wizzer!

3. John: I need to take a wizzer.
Andrew: see you in 30 minutes!
by JPhat December 19, 2005
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