the most hated os of all time. the mass opinion is: its slow, has bani bugs, always 1 gb of ram to run, is unsave agains viruses, mac osx leopard is better.

this mass opinion are not 100% true. intelligent people dont go with the flow and support the mass oppinions, they make their own opinion.

for example, if you have a crappy pc, dont buy vista, vista needs a proper pc than you have. some people with crappy pcs bought vista, it diddnt work, they startet bitching around and now everybody belives vista sucks.

or, vista is so unsave... ähhh install a proper anti virus programm and dont watch so much porn you idiot.

or, oh god the driver problems!!! ok thats true, i admit it.

or, everything looks different i cant navigate trough. yes it sucks, but be happy! you have your task bar, you can press ctrl+alt+del and the taskmanager will come up, you can press windowskey+e and the explorer will come up. with vista on your pc you are way better of navigating than on a mac. (if you have used xp before)

if we remeber the xp realese... it was the same story, everybody hatet it and said they dont want to use it. now after some sevice packs everybody beleves xp is the best os ever. wow...

the coolest thing about vista haters is that most of them dont even run vista. they just heard it sucks so they dont give it a try. well thats ok but stop bitching around you dumb fucks. god damn -.-
troll: hey what os do you run?

guy: windows vista ultimate, it runs good

troll: omg stfu vista n00b! xp ownz j00!!

guy: wow... wtf was that?

troll: stfu you and your vista suck ass. vista is epic fail!

guy: have you ever even tried it you failtroll?

troll: no cuz my friends sayd it sucks, and it does

by anon349862093468 June 06, 2009
Top Definition
The five main problems of the Windows OS combined it one giant acronym.

Virues, Infections, Spyware, Trojans, and Adware.
Hasta la Vista, baby!
by Op2 August 03, 2005
the newest in a long line of crappy OS's from Microsoft. This one promises to track your every move, so watch out all you internet pedophiles out there!! they'll know who you are!
Gary finished downloading a few videos and suddenly the FBI crashed through the door. "Damn you, Windows Vista!" He screamed whilst they hauled his ass to the pokey.
by nukresoft November 05, 2005
The best selling product that nobody ever wanted.
1:"Can I get my new PC without windows vista?"

by _K. April 10, 2008
The OS from hell that promises to make your life miserable and wish you can throw your previously fine computer out the window.
My computer is a f*@#$ mess since I changed to Windows Vista.
by Polito79 March 13, 2007
The next piece of shit from Redmond, WA. Beta testing is going on now and release is looking at Christmas 2006
"Hey, dude! I just downloaded Windows Vista Beta 1 and it rocks! Every time I try to boot it I get a different error message!"
by methamp July 28, 2005
A totally wanky piece of software that's been crammed down people's throats by forcibly installing it on all new PCs.
Shop Assistant : It has Windows Vista on it to!
Me : Bollocks! I don't want it
SA : But it won't work without it!
Me : Will it arse! I'm putting Linux on it! Here, take my Vista DVD and COA and gimme my cash back!
SA : Erm.....
by Chris Maggs September 21, 2007
Microsoft's newest Operating System, the successor to windows XP. Windows Vista takes all the worst features of Windows XP, and makes them worse, moves them around to new, hard to find locations, and adds a ton of new features. Some of these new features are:

*Explorer windows that regularly freeze up
*A proprietary web browser, Internet Explorer 7, that comes packaged with the system and cannot be uninstalled or deleted.
*400+ MB RAM usage right off the bat.
*Built-in DRM to restrict a users ability to do most anything.
*UAC (User Account Control), a wonderful feature that questions the intelligence of its users by asking if they're sure they want to do what they're trying to do, then double-checking that they didn't accidentally press "Yes" when they meant "No."
*Shadow-copy, and other similar hidden processes, that keep hidden backups of your data files to ensure that your privacy is always compromised.
*Little backwards-compatibility.
*New versions of old familiar tools that remove all those pesky progress displays and status indicators, so you have no idea whether the program is actually doing anything or not (because that's none of your business). For example, the new checkdisk and defrag.
*A complete new set of security holes for virusus, adware, trojans, etc to exploit.
*The new "aero" interface, which is incompatible with almost everything non-Microsoft.

Windows Vista is also known as Microsoft's latest attempt to create a product worse than windows ME.
Bob: "Fucking Windows Vista!"
Joe: "That's like the 10th time you've said that in the last hour!"
by Mister Squishy October 24, 2007
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