The Windows Operating system which will replace XP. Vista was known as Longhorn in developement. Other great names such as Windows ME were a flop, this could be a sign of Windows Vista going under.
When Windows Vista crashes.
"Hasta la Vista Baby" (Cardboard Hammer, HardOCP, 7-22-2005)

I can't network my Windows Vista.
by Flysak July 25, 2005

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This disc robbertion bus written bye Microsoft's speach recycling program, abby veil on Windows Vista full-stop delete that backspace backspace select all delete that exit speech recognition
Source: Rititititchie, New Britland
by Choo-Choo McGrew August 06, 2007
A new version of Windows from Microsoft that looked good in development, and still looks good now. Unfortunately, that's the only improvement. The new Microsoft office that can come with some versions of Vista is terrible and difficult to use. It also oftentimes causes the computer to lag, a lot.

The last flaw I am going to point out (Although this is my majority-supported opinion) is that the security is so up tight that there is hardly anything you can run on Vista without the computer asking for permission to run it, even if it is something from Microsoft. If you want to ask me, stay with Windows XP.
Guy #1: I have good news and bad news.

Guy #2: What's the bad news?

Guy #1: I just got Windows Vista. It lags like crazy.

Guy #2: Sorry about that. So, what's the good news?

Guy #1: I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to Geico!

Guy #3: I didn't see THAT coming!
by Charles Chilly January 02, 2008
A malicious computer software created by Microsoft. The sick company designs the operating system to be vulnerable to a wide spectrum of attacks, effectively ruining your computer, and forcing you to pay for repairs, or buy another copy of there overpriced "product".

It is widely known that to increase sails, Microsoft took a reliable working product, and ripped off it's ideas. A genius move on Microsofts part, take down the competition by slapping their name on it, brilliant. That product is Mac OS X. However it is also apparent that Mac OS X kicks so much ass, it nocked over Microsofts crappy operating system, and T-bagged it.
"Hey, did Windows Vista bend you over and jack your wallet today"
"No man, I got a Mac, now vista just crashes in a corner for no reason"
"Yeah, I think it's taunting me, it keeps repairing itself to get me to use it again, so it can crash on me"

"Every night before Windows Vista "hibernates"(crashes), it checks it's closet for Mac OS X"

"Windows Vista was created by god, so man would truly appreciate Mac OS X"

"Chuck Norris uses a Mac, even though he is the only person in the world that Windows Vista will not crash for"
by CRS BLKvol February 14, 2007
IS SHIT! DONT BUY IT PLEASE. I hope bill gates reads this. You suck Bill!
Windows vista hates you. Games are scetchy on it, I just bought a new dell. just for games (im a mac user usually.) yea they scetch out, SOO many shitty windows pop ups (like AHHHHH stop it now please) For some reason the screen just goes black randomly sometimes. TEST UR SHIT BEFORE U RELEASE IT DUMBASS. It generally just runs very very very slooow on my brand new computer. :( basically i hate my life that much more. BOO BILL. WAY TO RELEASE UTTER SHIT AND FORCE PPL TO USE IT. FUCK YOU MAN I WANT MY 258 canadian dollars back now. sorry for being so blunt and immature but it had to happen.
1. Windows Vista is a horrible new Operating system made by Microsoft to replace XP. Technically an upgrade from Windows 2003 and WinME. Codenamed Longhorn, the OS took 5 years to create and did not live up to the hype set by Microsoft. The OS was suppose to be a completely new OS, with groundbreaking features. Most of the new features that were added have caused the system to be less user friendly. Case in point the new security feature, which pops up a menu that freezes everything in the background, asking for the user to Deny or Allow a change in the settings or software Install/Uninstall. This window will come up contently, causing the user frustration. The new security features have also allowed hackers to make new viruses and other malware for the OS, even though Microsoft claimed that hackers would find it difficult to do so. Users have also had trouble finding the correct drivers for old and new hardware. If these weren't bad enough, users have also had problems with using DRM content like music and movies, due to stricter licensing terms. Many companies like Dell and HP started selling Vista-Only machines, but retracted this practice slightly after receiving numerous complaints from potential customers seeking to buy XP machines instead. It is still not possible to find a cheap, AMD-XP system with Dell; since they have almost completely phased out XP in favor of Vista. AMD being the cheaper system when compared to Intel.
I hate Windows Vista so much that I had to buy an XP-Apple machine instead! I feel dirty now...
by Russell Sheppard March 03, 2008
A scramble for money upgrade which offers no true advantage over the previous.
"Man, I just sold that guy a metal tube for his intake and told him it would make his car faster... that was a good WindowsVista!!"
by Diggie January 12, 2007
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