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To cancel is to kill someone.
"Put the gun down. You don't have the balls to cancel me"
by erotica69 September 16, 2005
The opposite of Confirm.
If you click Cancel for the purpose of correcting a typo, will insist that you correct both the Definition and the Example, regardless of the fact that one of them doesn't have a typo in it. Otherwise, it will say, That example was already submitted for... even though you canceled that submission.
by Downstrike December 01, 2004
Cancel: To abort or interrupt an action by performing a different action instead.
He canceled his slash attack with a dash and then canceled that with another slash attack making the boss a complete joke.
by henke37 May 18, 2014
The best person in the entire world. The best friend that anyone could possibly hope for. Easy person to love, extremely nice person. Basically, the most amazing and fantastic person in the world.
Everyone would be completely happy with their lives if only they knew Cancel.
by Syntrino October 20, 2005
When one party states something and the other party disagrees and thinks its out of this world.
Person A: Yo, that girl looks bomb.
Person B: Cancel
by 12365479 October 15, 2008
It means to kill someone.
"Might as well put the gun down. You don't have the balls to cancel me."
by erotica69 September 16, 2005
Cancel Means

When someone is telling you do something, you say cancel meaning you don't want to do it.

Yo bob, can you move this skid for me and tape it when your done?

Bob - Umm, let me think about that, CANCEL on that one sir
by professor2008 October 16, 2008
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