1. Holes in a automobile or house that are covered with glass so one can see through withought the elements entering.
2. An OS made by Microsoft, quite likely the most annoying program ever, with all of the errors that it cant fix and anoying tech support people in India.
Windows 98 bootup disk... bootup fail...error...ATAPI drive 1 drivers not found...

Wow and I need an OS to install linux.
by 1337 |-|4x0|2 August 19, 2006
OS where the word restart is the norm. Also synonymous with "monopoly." Also characterized by slow startups, thus the term "win-doze," and known as a computer virus to Mac users, all 10 of them. Other terms used: POS, sucky OS, The rebootinator.
Hey, want to play a game of Windows? I want to be the car.
by jondapicam November 04, 2003
An idea created by the wiggles for an operating system, then bill gates started, by stealing everything he could get his hands on.
Let sing a song, Wake up jeff, the wiggles is on the computer now.
by ReDucTor August 08, 2003
1.) Noun

An operating system for computers developed by the Microsoft Corporation. Despite the fact that it's pretty reliable most of the time, all people do is bitch and moan incessantly (especially nerds) about how it plainly sucks so much even though Windows OS runs about 90% of the PC market, so there's nothing they can really do about it because it's obviously successful. So instead of doing something about how much they hate windows, like, you know, maybe taking their asses to the Apple store to buy a damn Mac instead, or maybe formatting their hard drive and installing Linux, they just sit at home and bitch about how much they hate Windows, but they use it anyway which makes them massive hypocrites.

2.) Noun

An opening constructed in a wall or roof that functions to admit light or air to an enclosure and is often framed and spanned with glass mounted to on a track to allow opening and closing.
1.) OMG! I hate Windows OS so much! I can write my papers for school, make power points, email, store movies, music, and photos, chat, surf the web, and customize my wallpaper on Windows! I hate it so much! OMG!! Dexter just signed onto AIM! *begins chatting*

2.) Dude, open a window. It's freaking hot in this place.
by Asawisper July 19, 2008
1) A sheet usually made of a clear material, such as glass, that is used to allow sight and occasional air flow, while otherwise retaining the characteristics of a wall.

2) When getting into a car, calling 'window' is required if there are more than four people. Usually, one person will call shotgun, then the next two will quickly call window. Calling the window behind the driver is also wise, as the driver is usually closer to the wheel than the passanger, thus, more leg room. The person who hesitates the most ends up bitch.
1) It was getting hot, so I opened up the window.

2) Shotgun was already called, so I quickly called window so I wouldn't get stuck sitting bitch.
by The Sub March 20, 2005
A 32-bit operatijng system designed by the Microsoft corporation. Favored by many users due to its ease of use, deprecated by many geeks because of a myriad of reasons, and Yet Another thing to have a religious war about.
I use Linux because I just don't like Windows. That's it.
by Dennis October 15, 2003
An OS that started out slower and less powerful than other OS's, but due to it's amazing Start button, it became popular. Then came Windows 95, the revolution of computers. I sure loved Minesweeper. Then came Windows 98, a buggy OS that really didn't improve much upon antyhing from 95, but it was new. ME made it even buggier but at least it added a new recycle bin! The current installment, Windows XP, was said to improve upon the way we looked at Windows. Yes, when I turned on that computer I saw a big green blob as my start button. Thank goodness for classic mode. The new Windows XP improved upon the stability, but not enough to match with the Mac. However, the Windows stays dominant because of it's original monopolization and the fact that it supports more games.
I use Windows to pwn my friends online! I use my Mac when I wanna get something done, though.
by Anonymous August 16, 2003

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