A 32-bit operatijng system designed by the Microsoft corporation. Favored by many users due to its ease of use, deprecated by many geeks because of a myriad of reasons, and Yet Another thing to have a religious war about.
I use Linux because I just don't like Windows. That's it.
by Dennis October 15, 2003
An OS that started out slower and less powerful than other OS's, but due to it's amazing Start button, it became popular. Then came Windows 95, the revolution of computers. I sure loved Minesweeper. Then came Windows 98, a buggy OS that really didn't improve much upon antyhing from 95, but it was new. ME made it even buggier but at least it added a new recycle bin! The current installment, Windows XP, was said to improve upon the way we looked at Windows. Yes, when I turned on that computer I saw a big green blob as my start button. Thank goodness for classic mode. The new Windows XP improved upon the stability, but not enough to match with the Mac. However, the Windows stays dominant because of it's original monopolization and the fact that it supports more games.
I use Windows to pwn my friends online! I use my Mac when I wanna get something done, though.
by Anonymous August 16, 2003
The name of the operating systems made by Microsoft, which has developed from quite simple beginnings, into a more and more bloated and resource hungry OS. The reason 99% of people use it is because it's the only fucking thing available with good software/hardware support.

Each succesive release was designed to take advantage of the new and more powerful technologies available. Or in plain English, the extra bloat in the new version would require more powerful hardware, negating the extra processing power available and cancelling out the benefits of more powerful (not to mention expensive) hardware.
Person A: Windows sucks.
Person B: Why don't you use something else then?
Person A: Like what?
Person B: Linux? Mac?
Person A: Do they support all my hardware and programs?
Person B: Ah.
by generic October 16, 2004
Windows is an common, popular operating system developed by Microsoft. It comes in many improving versions which are released every 1-4 years. It uses a simple point-and-click graphical interface for easy navigation. Windows can be used both for simple tasks that any newbie could carry out, complex operations involving months of coding and studying, and everything in between. Windows used to be highly unstable and prone to crashes, but they fixed that when they made Windows XP. They also got rid of DOS when they made the XP. Some versions are: Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Millenium, and Windows XP.
I used to use Windows 98. It could play my old favorites like DooM, but had a lot of problems and frequent, unexplained errors. I have Windows XP now. I mis DooM but not the errors.
by Party Pooper September 11, 2004
Something so easy to hack it's unbelieveable.
A: "I got hacked last night."
B: "No surprise. You run Windows."
by RENEGATUS DOT COM October 20, 2003
An operating system marketed by Microsoft. Many people hate it, but still use it. Here's some proof. WinXP-75% Win2000-6.5% WinVista-3.1% Linux-3.3% Mac-3.8% Other-about 3%
I am using a PSP to write this, and not windows. :)
by omgsandwich June 06, 2007
In my opinion, Windows is a fairly nice operating system that I haven't had any problems with since we installed XP.
Windows XP is better than Windows ME.
by Alexi November 12, 2003
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