An operating system that people love to hate. Especially Linux and Mac users love to exaggerate the stability of Windows. They are of course full of bullshit. Windows is user-friendly unlike Linux, and runs most $oftware, unlike Mac OS. I just wish some one would make it open source. Hack Micro$oft!
My installation of Windows XP has functioned since 2001 even though I install programs almost daily.
by apt-get June 21, 2004
the computer cheap people buy. it sucks, is slow and insanely complex. science mags say macs are better. seriously.
sally: my windows kept crashing on me last night while i was trying to make a movie and simultaneously download from itunes
bob: thats because windows suck for anything visual or audio. buy a mac. conform!
by maddy January 14, 2004
to all you jack-offs who claim windows never crashes if used by anyone with more than half a brain: here is proof that it does. This is a movie clip of someone who works for microsoft showing off windows and having if fail and go to the blue screen of death. enjoy!
microsoft is good when it's not crashing.
by Juice Box June 28, 2003
the fucking worst operating system ever made
Windows sucks macintosh dick
macintosh dick is big
bill gates is an moron
by pedroski March 27, 2007
The solely largest evil entity in the universe. It exists to measure how long people will sit in front of a box regretting that they ever clicked "send error report" in the first place.
Windows:"do you want windows to mess up your all your settings and make the next three days of yours living hell by downloading SP 2.141593 ???"

Human:"NO !!!"
by stickywulf June 10, 2005
A high paid barbaric and cold-blooded way to turn your computer into a Relic.
I just donated my windows installed wrecked computer to the local museum
by j March 14, 2005
One of the worst opperating systems in the world. It crashes more than Mac OSX and has more ryptic error messages than Linux. (im not sure linux has any) Windows also crashes a lot. The only good thing about it is it comes with solitair.
Ahhhh! Windows crashed while loading an error message.

The price for Windows is a rip-off, but it did come with solitair!
by kyle December 02, 2004

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