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A ghetto neighborhood staple.
When you see either a Kennedy Fried Chicken or Crown Fried Chicken, you know you're in the ghetto.
by Deahenle August 28, 2005
awesome, slow, old school reggae that sings about love. very chill music that is great to smoke to.
beres hammond, delroy wilson, garnett silk are artists who create lovers rock.
by deahenle January 30, 2006
who cares
why do so many people fight about how good windows is? who cares
by Deahenle July 19, 2003
A show usually hosted by one incredibly hot girl and one humongous tool bag.
That gay black guy <- huge tool
by Deahenle November 02, 2004
People who forget that some animals can't evel feel pain, animals have been eating each other for billions of years, and that if a lot of animals got a chance they'd eat us even if we don't want to eat them.
by Deahenle July 19, 2003
The biggest group of losers and freaks ever assembled.
The Boy Scouts of America has weird-ass people in it.
by Deahenle August 12, 2004
a really boring city
tampa sucks come to new york
by Deahenle July 19, 2003

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