Shaped glass. The latest versions are windows xp... they have rounded frames.
My penguins kick your windows in the ass!
by Supply and Demand January 21, 2003
A graphical user interface using the mouse as well as keyboard for common user tasks.
X-Windows, which is compatible with Macintosh, BSD, Linux, Solaris, and other Operating Systems.
Also, Microsoft Windows, which is not compatable with anything, not even other versions of itself.
by changa February 22, 2005
an operating system way better than any others. usually people say "windows crashes a lot!". well duh, idiots, if you install spyware virus crap its going to cause errors. and IT doesnt cause the blue screen of death, YOU DO!!!
i just bought windows, all the software i bought that didnt work with mac and linux works now!
by Sean Roth September 09, 2004
the computer cheap people buy. it sucks, is slow and insanely complex. science mags say macs are better. seriously.
sally: my windows kept crashing on me last night while i was trying to make a movie and simultaneously download from itunes
bob: thats because windows suck for anything visual or audio. buy a mac. conform!
by maddy January 14, 2004
An extremley easy to use desktop operating system. Very optimized and compatible with a wide range of software applications and hardware devices. However, LINUX is better for servers because Windows tends to need to rebooted every few days to retain performance. After about a week of uptime, Windows becomes slow and incredibly hard to use efficiently.
Windows = ultimate workstation os
LINUX = any situation where reliability and stability are a concern (like db, web, ftp, proxy, dns, and news servers.
by root@localhost August 23, 2003
to all you jack-offs who claim windows never crashes if used by anyone with more than half a brain: here is proof that it does. This is a movie clip of someone who works for microsoft showing off windows and having if fail and go to the blue screen of death. enjoy!
microsoft is good when it's not crashing.
by Juice Box June 28, 2003
A "user friendly" OS for people who dont have the time not brains to use any other OS I admit XP is alright but I prefer Knoppix or other linux versions.. and as for you people dissing either OS try making your own,....if not.. try setting up as many pcs with various OS's and play around.. its fun..
ignorant user:"my windows keeps crashing"
Guru:"dont be a dumbass and it wont crash"
ignorant user:"oh"
by Guru June 15, 2003

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