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1. An opening or a panel built into a wall, roof, or floor inside structure to permit the pass through of light or air.

2. implies Microsoft Windows. A computer operating system developed by Microsoft. First released in 1985, running on top of MS-DOS, in order to implement a graphical user interface (GUI) computing.
"dude, I am suffocating!!"
"well, open the fucking windows!!"

"hey man, there are these faggots arguing about Windows vs. Linux again..."
"who gives a shit, I use whatever the hell I like."
by CocoRice July 06, 2003
Acronym for "Type to You Later". Widely used by people on internet chat clients, message boards, and instant messange clients. Probably invented by lamers on AOL that they think they are too "cool" to say "good bye" or "I'll talk to you later"
<John21> Hey, I gotta run, I have to meet my girlfriend at the mall.
<l33tAOLd00d> ttyl
by CocoRice July 06, 2003
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