Something to let air out and cut your hands off.
911 Dispatcher: Hello, whats your problem?
Person :. I cut my hand off by closing the windows.
911 Dispatcher: Crap!
by GTard April 03, 2013
1. Plural of "window," a glass enclosure in a wall permitting viewing of the surroundings outside of a building.

2. Operating system created for personal computers by Bill Gates and the team at Microsoft beginning in the 1980s as a graphical shell over their hugely successful MS-DOS operating system. Lambasted over the years for perceived inefficiency and insecurity that more often than not is the error of the operator, although some holes have been found and patched.

Now compatible with Macintosh computers bearing Intel processors thanks to Apple's Boot Camp.

Has come to the computing public in several iterations beginning with Windows 1.0 in 1985, and the most recent iteration is Windows Vista, already available to enterprise customers and set to be released to the public in January '07.

In the community, sources of lambasting are primarily Macintosh and Linux users, and sources of defense are primarily other Windows users.

Has been criticized for being the OS of choice for computer manufacturers and for "stealing" features from other operating systems.
My Mac is twice the computer it used to be now that it runs Windows!

Oh, just you wait until Windows Vista comes out! It'll pwn Mac OS X!
by William the Mac User December 18, 2006
Windows is a really unstable Operating System even in the year 2005 it still crashes constantly, hogs memory there not much I can say thats not already been said, I personally Run windows 2000 pro on one partition and Gentoo on another and I'm quite happy using windows 2kpro for certain games and software and gentoo for other things.
Lamer: "Windows sucks"
Linux User: "Yeah I know, why not use Linux?"
Lamer: "I don't know how to use linux"
Linux User: "Try Mandrake or Fedora It's designed for people like you"
by Adolf Gates February 14, 2005
the worst operating system you can buy. not only does it cost a lot of money, but if you don't have it running on a top-of-the-line computer, it sucks. those of you who say it doesn't freeze up probably haven't tried it on a 400 mHz laptop - which it should run on, according to the system requirements. contrary to popular belief, it is not easier to use than linux, mac os, or any other os because the reason people have such an easy time learning to use new versions of windows is because they are familiar with the old one, which is the same except for that lame prarie that it places on the desktop, along with some other aesthetical changes.

while windows has been around much longer, linux has grown so fast that people are already considering switching from windows. windows may have more programs and look better(? i don't think so but maybe some do), but linux has the edge on security and stability and does what it should - all of which is what most people want and what all should expect from an os.
1. microsoftie: if linux is better, then why hasn't everyone switched to linux?
thinking person: because most people just believe what they hear - they never try linux, they just believe what they hear about it.
2. microsoftie: windows xp doesn't cost that much, it's only $150. that's not bad.
thinking person: but you also have to buy antivirus protection and office xp, which together will cost about $300.
by NetRAVEN5000 August 29, 2004
I OS that had its flaws in the past, but since the NT core has been used has fix many of the flaws. Writen in 32bit, soon a 64bit version will be out of the 64bit cpu's.
"Will this Windows XP software work on my abacuses?"
by Mason July 11, 2003
Windows is a marketing scheme created by Bill Gates that poses as an operating system. It claims to be software that helps you manage files and connect to other computers on the internet, but in reality it's a platform created specifically to be thoroughly pwned by every single piece of malware and virii on the internet for the purpose of selling expensive, third party antivirus software to slow down your awful piece of bloatware that you dropped 300 bucks on.
Windows User: "Hey I have a virus on my PC and now it's completely useless I hate my life."

Linux User: "Yeah, it's called Windows and the worst part is you paid for it."
by frosteduser May 26, 2010
The first virus ever to have a formal appearance and a multimillion company.
Man, who would think a shitload of programmers would need 10GB for a virus? Script kiddies are better than them!

Millions of viruses designed to work on top of the Windows virus! That's neat!
by vilos April 05, 2010

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