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Pronounced: Whore-der

A guy/girl who enjoys "whoreding" (hoarding) numerous people at the same time. They can never get enough.
Kid #1: Wait, isn't Meaghan with Bill?
Kid #2: Yeah, but she's also into Frank.
Kid #1: Eww, what a whoreder.
by PFMM April 09, 2009
9 2
A man who hoards whores , even though it clutters his life and affects his relationships.
Jim is a whoreder , he always wants more and
more whores. It's gotten to the point where there's no room for any real women in his life.
by Barkleysunshine December 25, 2011
3 0
What a person gets when calling an escort service
I'd like to make a whoreder for a brunette, please.
by Hot Dog Boy July 06, 2013
1 0
Someone with a large collection of questionable relationships.
I think Gigolo Joe might be a whoreder.
by Milamber777 July 24, 2012
1 0