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To steal or take something
"Why you gotta be weezin all my shit son?"
by Joe January 05, 2004
To be extremely fat and have no athletic ability whatsoever. Sometimes, weez's can be found spending long hours skateboarding, but will somehow never get better
"Dude... your such a fucking weez, you can barely kickflip"
by Yeoffrey March 31, 2007
To give or get less than what is due.
The cheese steak was good, but they weezed on the fries.
by Tomahhtoe May 14, 2009
A noun describing a person who has just done or has a tendency to do something underhanded. (From the root word "weasel")
"That weez just hopped the line!"
"I sliced that cheese for myself but you ate it, you cheese-weez"
by JasonSlade November 01, 2006
Short for weasel. The male member, aka penis. By extension (so to speak), it can also apply to someone who is being a dick.

I've got to go drain the weez.
That weez just cut me off - douche bag!
by twilyth November 05, 2008
A weird little (not literal) individual whos real name is louisa. she can be found hanging at the wall or winnign cookery competitions. other examples of nicknames are:
spuds sis
flushing wiz
tic tac
a: where's weez?
b: at the wall
a: kewl, lets go.
b: sure
by jon April 05, 2004
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