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The fictional start of the band Weezer, featured in the music video of Perfect Situation where Elisha Cuthbert is the lead singer. Then when she throws a tantrum on-stage, the timid roadie (Rivers Cuomo, the real lead singer of Weezer) steps up to finish out the song. The band swag salesman changes then the shirts from weeze to weezer by adding an "r" in a thick, black marker when Rivers gets the crowd jumping and shouting.
Dude, I was so pissed when weeze changed their name to weezer. All my shit is wrong now.
by atwig October 23, 2008
When your pupic hairs, usually around the taint, tie themselves in a knot while walking or engaging in other physical activities.
I ran 15 miles yesterday, at around mile 8, I noticed a sharp pain in the nether regions. It was a crotch knot.
by atwig January 03, 2015
A short, usually bizarre and random dream that often times isn't even remembered upon awakening.
Steve: I had a weird dreamette last night. I was a tree...
by atwig December 24, 2008
Another word for mindfuck as used in the film Yes Man.
Frank: You should really read this book. It's amazing, he tells you all this stuff and it's like a mind grenade.
by atwig December 22, 2008
A term used to describe an object that has seemingly disappeared, a reference to the DeLorean's ability to travel through time once it reached 88mph in the Back the the Future Trilogy.
Andrea: Aww, look at that bird. It's so cut--wait, where'd it go?
Collin: It must have gotten up to 88.
by atwig December 23, 2008

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