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A faggot, homo, queer. One who smokes on cocks or takes it in the arse.
Are you a puffer(puffa)Harry? (english accent)
by Hammy April 24, 2003
A pot smoker who forgets to share when in a circle passing a blunt, bong or pipe.
Puff, Puff and Pass! Joseph, you're hogging the bong, puffer.

Quit being a puffer and pass the blunt.
by marqattacks September 04, 2014
An extreamley large shoe with an obscenely large Tounge that looks like somithing that you can pump with your hands.
Big Wezz was wearing his Puffers today.
by >Angle Dust< November 29, 2005
A fat chick that is a little more than chunky. She's fluffy and squshy like bread dough. This condition is usually caused by too many hostess cakes and sitting on her ass waiting for prince charming.
Girl 1- so do you think I can afford to get any of the guys here drunk enough to take home a puffer like me?
Girl 2- if you're just looking to suck dick I'm sure there's a few that would be willing.
by Dark-kitty April 30, 2010
Students at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry who belong to the House of Hufflepuff.
"Where were you during dinner? Didn't see you." - "I had dinner with the Puffers at the Hufflepuff table."
by Lady Quin August 19, 2011
A state of engorgement of the penis between completely flaccid and fully erect. Often observed just after sex, during moderate sexual stimulation or just after waking up (as opposed to a full-on morning missile).
Shit, Billy-Bob, I got me a serious puffer lookin' at Daisy Duke's ass. I'm about one minute away from a complete woody.

C'mon, honey, just gimme a couple licks on this puffer and I'll fuck you back into the stone age before breakfast!
by 6079 Smith W March 21, 2005
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