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A faggot, homo, queer. One who smokes on cocks or takes it in the arse.
Are you a puffer(puffa)Harry? (english accent)
by Hammy April 24, 2003
101 60
An extreamley large shoe with an obscenely large Tounge that looks like somithing that you can pump with your hands.
Big Wezz was wearing his Puffers today.
by >Angle Dust< November 29, 2005
8 7
Someone who wears 3 large, puffy winter coats and when in a locker room takes them off and admits that they are homosexual.
That kid Matt isn't really obese. He's actually a puffer.

How do you know?

We're in P.E. class. In the locker room, he took off his coats and said he was gay.
by dwermerfermerer June 18, 2013
1 7
child molester (prison slang)
they put all the puffers in ad seg
by chubbyrain October 14, 2003
12 20
on a pornset, responsibile for keeping the male erect.
that puffer was so hott
by ekmont December 21, 2006
43 52
A small, exotic dancer with a flamboyant personality.
Yo, that puffer is puffin!
by Ondoyt February 03, 2010
9 19
Students at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry who belong to the House of Hufflepuff.
"Where were you during dinner? Didn't see you." - "I had dinner with the Puffers at the Hufflepuff table."
by Lady Quin August 19, 2011
14 25