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Derogative word for describing Norwegians.
Go back to Norway you stupid Weeg!
by Sean March 18, 2004
A word that simply means "awesome."
Patrick did a back flip off of a cell phone tower and lived. All of those who witnessed it said it was weeg.
by buriesandscream May 29, 2014
A douchebag. Someone who will screw you over for their own personal gain.
Luigi: *steals star for 50 coins*
You: fucking weeg stealing my fucking star you bastard you'll get what's coming for you
by euclio March 05, 2015
hey yall lets run thru this mans yard and go to Wauregan!!
by ballininweeg02 July 13, 2003
ghetto of towns dat start wit w
"letz go chill up in da weeg"
by balla5235 April 12, 2003
ghetto town (Wauregan,CT)
"Hey you guys lets go visit Lloyd n Franky in the Weeg. "
by ballininweeg02 July 13, 2003
Another word for a racist, a dumbass, a dork, or a half-witted loser. Even though it's a deregatory term/or name for a persona non grata, some people use it as their internet username.
by M2Da-P December 05, 2010
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