Derogative word for describing Norwegians.
Go back to Norway you stupid Weeg!
by Sean March 18, 2004
A word that simply means "awesome."
Patrick did a back flip off of a cell phone tower and lived. All of those who witnessed it said it was weeg.
by buriesandscream May 29, 2014
ghetto of towns dat start wit w
"letz go chill up in da weeg"
by balla5235 April 12, 2003
ghetto town (Wauregan,CT)
"Hey you guys lets go visit Lloyd n Franky in the Weeg. "
by ballininweeg02 July 13, 2003
hey yall lets run thru this mans yard and go to Wauregan!!
by ballininweeg02 July 13, 2003
Another word for a racist, a dumbass, a dork, or a half-witted loser. Even though it's a deregatory term/or name for a persona non grata, some people use it as their internet username.
by M2Da-P December 05, 2010

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