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36 definitions by lizzie

A woman's vagina after she has had many different sized penises.
The slut is so loose, since she gets laid every night by a different man.
by Lizzie August 17, 2003
1766 414
The greatest state ever! Beautiful beaches! Southern Charm! Pearls, sweet tea, grits, bow ties, palmetto trees, shagging! Most importantly, charming manners.
South Carolina is a delightful place!
by Lizzie November 14, 2003
884 591
HOT HOTT HOTT!!!!!!!! you boys are sooooo hot i cant believe that im "related" to you yesssss! well see u guys around!
girl:hey landon guy come over and rock my boat!
landon guy:no! i have the holton girls *goes over to holton girl and starts to make out w/ her*
by lizzie April 17, 2005
177 124
The Chinese (mandarin) work for "little sister" spelled out in PinYin.
x Your meimei is sooo adorible!!
x I have 2 meimeiz in my family.
x Im an innocent and cute meimei!!
by Lizzie March 23, 2005
30 6
Shape shifting human-lizard hybrids.
Generally heads of state, captains of industry, members of secret fraternal or black ops organizations. Not to be messed with.
I've also looked at Icke's writings, and the Bush family and many members of his cabinet, together with the royal heads of Europe and many members of Kalifornia's Bohemian Club all qualify as members of the shape shifting lizard-human hybrid family. The Queen Mother was supposed to be gargantuan and especially fierce when in her lizard form.
by lizzie February 18, 2005
41 18
the bridge of skin that links between your balls and arse. also known as a taint or a barse
mmmm, lick my smelly bridge baby
by lizzie April 23, 2003
32 9
Best place to buy things for 1-99 % cheaper. The World's Online Marketplace.
I was starting to bald so I got some hair cream off eBay!!
by Lizzie May 02, 2003
25 13