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An internet website were users can comment on/for uploaded videos. Some of the videos are, categorically: shocking, funny, sexy, bizzare, and accident.
by M2Da-P December 05, 2010
Another word for a racist, a dumbass, a dork, or a half-witted loser. Even though it's a deregatory term/or name for a persona non grata, some people use it as their internet username.
by M2Da-P December 05, 2010
Another eponym for a popular forum, or internet user. The meaning and definition was first used in the video website Nothing Toxic.com as a reference to user MachuPichu, a well known and current member in the aforesaid website.
I post in forums every single day, in order, to become a NT Legend.
by M2Da-P December 05, 2010
A internet forum were a bunch of losers get together to talk half-demented bull shit to one another. However, in it's inception it was altogether differently. Members were polite and civil to each other. It has now turned into a sausage fest, thanks to half-witted users like "Weeg" and "Twin." Notable and, now, Nothing Toxic legends, include: MP, Buzzo, NT-Fan and the mentally deranged/handicapped, Powder (aka I LOVE PHAT TITTIES!!!! ).
NT nothing toxic forum Nothing Toxic.com]
by M2Da-P December 05, 2010
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