Acronym meaning White Ass Whack Assholes. Refers to cocky ass jock, frat, white boys and their pasty, orange-tanned, dumb, blonde ass girlfriends, who know nothing about being urban besides who Snoop Dogg is. Term usually describes anyone from suburban America who perpetrates because they know what the hell rap music sounds like. Stank ass crackers!!!
I truly wish I could meet a few of you W.A.W.A's so I could fuck your shit up!!! Signed
An Angry "Urban" Black Man
by An Angry "Urban" Black Man August 05, 2005
White Ass Whack Assholes. You know it and your glad. You live in the burbs, you're white as fuck, you might be in a frat, your girlfriend is hot as fuck, you might watch Family Guy everynight, You listen to The Offspring, You drive a crappy Civic you bought with your summer job way too fast, you flick off old people, you eat fast food daily, you've never been in the stank ass hood, you're probably overly interested in pop-culuture, your the main target of most marketing and you listen to the Bloodhound Gang excessively. Basically you are The Man, you know it, and you just don't give a fuck. Everyone else is just a whiney bitch. BURBS FOR LYFE BIOTCH.
I'm a W.A.W.A. YOU MOTHER FUCKER. Stay out of the fucking Burbs bitch I'll fuck you up. Call me cracker bitch. Do it bitch. I actually know how to aim my gun. Bring your crew so my frat can get drunk and fuck them and their crooked ass guns up WANGSTA BITCH.
by Captain McBadass you bitch September 28, 2005
To describe the sex appeal of a guy. To explain wawa would make you feel "wet".
Lily : Mann Jared is finneee
Melissa : How cute ?
Lily : WAWAAAA !
Melissa: Damnn
by annnnaaa(: March 21, 2009
Affectionate term meaning idiot. Invented my a friend of mine suffering from autism.
"Omer, you're such a wawa!"
by Fairly Talented Thespian January 30, 2008
WAWA is a second word, as in, 'cocky wawa'. When you meet a dumbass Christian, a jerk who believes in this virgin birth shit and crap about no evolution and stuff like that, you are a big 'cocky wawa' which means you have no fucking brains in your body. You should go back to that old time religion, you know, Judaism. The one that got screwed up by that phony liar, Jeshua of Nazareth.
"Ain't he a big goddamm cockywawa, that putzy fucker! I'd like to slam his ass with a bible!"

"George Bush, he da biggest cockywawa fooker I ever done met!"

"Dick Cheney is the lyingest mofo cocky wawa they evah bin!
by Bilgewater P. Blummis April 03, 2006
An amazing convenience store. Located in the Northeast US, wawa is home to great coffee and subs. It was named for a town in Delaware County, which was named for the American Indian word for Canadian Goose. Wawa is owned and operated privately, with Dick Wood as president of the company. Yes, his name is Dick Wood, but he's really nice. He was my neighbor, when I lived in Wawa...and now I'm rambling.
I'm going to run to Wawa to pick up some milk, which is always dairy-fresh.
by the girl March 22, 2005
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