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1.A girl who does not try yet always gets attention.
2.Musical girl with a modern siren like vibe.
3.A girl always causing men to "crash" due to her beauty.
4.Highly attractive female who could care less
-That girl is such a Michele!
-Man I wish my girlfriend could be like a Michele!!
by Anonymous4vr March 30, 2008
A very good friend. someone that is always there for you and never leaves your side. basically amazing.
Michele you're amazing.
by Kaylabella January 01, 2009
A very concieted girl, yet she has every right to be concieted.
She is also very intelligent, and has a way with manipulating things.

She's also the love of my life.
oooh, my michele is so awesome. :)
by Christopher Joseph Ford October 27, 2008
A woman of faith. A loyal lover. A devoted mother. A faithful friend.
Michele loves her faith, family, and friends. There is no "hell" in her name.
by Flexibilty February 08, 2010
a girl who is down to earth and is not afraid to have a little fun. she always tries new things and is always there for her friends. she is very cute and everyone thinks so. and she has a beautiful laugh
boy 1:hey look at that girl over there
boy 2: who michele?
boy 1:hell ya
boy 2:she is so cute!!
boy 1: tell me about it
boy 3: hey thats my sister
by hoover227 December 10, 2010
The FRENCH way to spell the traditional Michelle. Just cause u prefer 2 "L's" doesnt mean they are NOT BOTH beautiful in their own right!
That Michele over there is FINE!!!
by the one with one L February 04, 2010
a sexy beast who will do you in bed on her time, and plays hard to get but inside she loves you. she is the best at hand jobs and blow jobs. just ask her and you will get carried way
'dude Michele did me last night, over and over and over and over and over again'

'youre so lucky, i wish my girlfriend would do me...'
by hockey4lyfe September 29, 2011
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