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Nazareth PA, you know the place if you live there. If your bored.. stop driving around looking for things to do, because there are none. Turn around, go back to your house and light up or drink.
Person A: Hey where do you live?
Person B: Nazareth
Person A: Where?
by Nazo-man March 10, 2011
a biblical place in Israel where Jesus Christ himself was born. Home of Christian pilgrimage.
an awesome Scottish band starting in 1968, with hits like Love Hurts or Whiskey Drinking Woman.
B: Holy Jesus of Nazareth!
M: What?
B: Since when does Nazareth get radio play?
by Brittney Sade January 15, 2009
A city in Israel and its where Jesus grew up.

An all-girls catholic school created in 1920s. Girls there were once known as Nancy Anns, but today they are known as Naz men. The good things are that there is good education that prepares everyone for the colleges they apply to, you would find some really smart, kind girls, you’ll have a good friend that lasts forever, you get out of school early for the summer, and your parents would be proud of you. But no school is perfect. Alcohol is the norm, people look depressed in the hallways, some teachers are ugly inside and out, the non-popular sports aren’t given much attention too, you would find a lot of bitchy girls, some parents send their slutty daughters there and there are no boys, so don’t ever go there if you’re boy crazy.
what school you go to?


oh they named the school after jesus' hometown.
by fahre July 05, 2011

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