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Delaware County is a middle class county situated next to Philadelphia County. It is home to a generally Irish Roman Catholics, whose economic and educational status gradually declines as a person moves from North to South in the county. In the Radnor and Ardmore sections of "Delco" the incomes, educational levels are high. But if one moves south, he encounters a decline in civilized behavior. Central locations like Drexel Hill and Havertown are home to many professionals, and Philadelphia businessmen. However, districts closer to Baltimore Pike and Route 476 have become well known for their high levels of trailer trash hookers, wiggers, degenerates, and uneducated white people (e.g. Ridley, Interboro, Aldan, and Eddystone)And while Delaware County is dominantly Caucasian, the state of mind is often considered "decidedly hood rat". To complicate matters, the absolute most southern point in Delaware County is Chester, a community composed of African Americans. This portion of the county, compromised of citizens of a different skin color, has never set well with the toothless inbreeds of Eddystone and Briar Cliff, who are abundantly racist, uneducated, tattooed, and addicted to marijuana and other illegal substances, and wear Timberland Boots (purchased at 69th Street Terminal), Beater (purchased at TJ Maxx in Springfield, Kohls on Baltimore Pike, Modells Baltimore Pike, or any local Ross Dress for Less TM), and a pair of excessively long and baggy shorts of the Jordan Brand
"Yo homie, lets go ride majestically into Springfield with the rest of our gangster friends from Briar Cliff and show all those pussies how hood rat south Delaware County is."
by Briar Cliff Rough Rider January 28, 2010
Delaware County, otherwise known as "delco" is an area located right outside of Philadelphia. Those of you from delco, such as myself, will understand the delco way of life.

Honestly, it's pretty boring. Most of the buildings in delco were build after World War 2 which is when it expanded. Everything is old, run down and dirty. It's the opposite of the main line.

Delco residents speak with a disgusting accent, e.g. "Let's goew dehwn to wawa n get sum hoewgies. We can take moy cawr." To the outsider it's sounds like we're talking with a mouth full of shit.

Blue collar. That's us. Seriously most of us have absolutely no future. It's no surprise that heroin and prescription pill abuse is a huge problem right now. It's always fun to see miserable men hang around the trophy tavern along with the barbacks.

Oh and everyone's Irish catholic. Everyone. Ask anyone where they went to high school without hearing bonner or ohara. No one wants to go to Upper Darby cause of all the black people coming in from philly. Ooooo.... scary.

Yeah... that's us. Blue collar lowlives. Get out while you can.
Aww man I'm so glad I moved out of Delaware county. I work at a firm in philly.
by gtrobt106 July 03, 2015

1) A county located in Pennsylvania filled with uneducated douchebags and train wrecks known as people
I live in Delaware County where people are useless and the clock always stops at douche.
by JewfromPa March 26, 2014
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