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when clothing is "accidently" ripped from your body exposing an otherwise private area
"Hey hunny, are you in the mood for a wardrobe malfunction tonight?"
by MUnit August 29, 2004
8 10
when justin timberlake tries to make himself seem innocent when he rips a piece of clothing off of a suprised singer.
Just stated the wardrobe malfunction was totally innocent...especially when he was the one who pulled it....
by kiss that May 31, 2004
10 12
1.When a guy gets his penis caught in the fly zipper of his pants and has to be rushed to an emergency room in order to have his pants removed surgically.
Ben Stiller scene in the movie, “There is Something About Mary”
by Dr. Sardonicus April 03, 2004
7 9
An excuse used to explain a situation in which a private part of the body is displayed under unessecary cirmustances.
When Justin Timberlake ripped part of Janet Jackson's outfit, revealing one of her breasts / when Bill Clinton supposedly recieved a blow job outside his marriage (his undone trousers would be described as a "wardrobe malfunction")
by Jenny March 23, 2004
10 12
The wigger's lame excuse for ripping off janet's top.
Damn, no one wants to see them nurples... what the hell you doin' JT
by 2beer February 11, 2004
12 14
A wardrobe malfuntion in my personal opinion is what all the rich city whores these days suffer from. who wears that stuff, really??
"Hey lets show our tits and maybe, just maybe someone will notice that we wanna be prostitutes!"
by LINZ July 30, 2004
11 14
term used to describe a baring of flesh that was planned to appear accidental but was not as well received by the public as expected
Justin snatches away Janet's top but instead of rave reviews he gets official boos
by Translator August 06, 2004
5 9