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(n.) (i) The name given to the dominant gene responsible for a chav's unfortunate selection of apparel.

(ii) The almost inevitable outcome of trying to assemble flatpack furniture from such wonderful people as IKEA due to missing/wrong screws/instructions, etc.
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrggggggghhhhhhhhh!!!! I don't believe it! Not again! This happens every bloody time, etc., etc.
by el revez May 13, 2004
Actually, a shortened version of WMD, slightly altered and presented as art. Wardrobe malfunction-noun: something that does not exist, in this case clothing that has been previously removed.
Ron Jeremy on the set.
by Leo February 07, 2004
A really awesome Seattle band
"Man, Wardrobe Malfunction was great last night!"
by Mr. Luna June 12, 2004