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An overzelous cop with a radar gun. Can often found right at the edge of school or playground zones.
Better slow down, there's a speed nazi.
by Canadamus_Prime September 13, 2005
Like so many things, it was a good idea initially, but now that it's been taken to it's extreme, it has become another bain of society's existance.
There's 1001 examples, pick one.
by Canadamus_Prime August 26, 2004
The obnoxious ticket giver who's job it is to make young people, esp. college student's lifes a liveing hell. Often found hulking over parking meters like vultures or in shopping mall parking lots watching to make sure that you're actually going into the mall after parking your car there.
"There's the parking nazis makeing sure I'm actually shopping here today."
by Canadamus_Prime November 02, 2004
A weak term concocted to explain a blaitent publicity stunt.
Cloths don't malfunction, machines and really stupid people malfunction.
by Canadamus_Prime September 07, 2004
An Operateing System that's great for running network servers, but despite it being increadable stable, you have to be a Guru to make it work.
Also when it does crash, and yes it does occasionally, it does a spectacular crash.
Every OS has it's place in the world of computing:
Windows - Gameing/Network Clients/Home Users
Linux/Unix - Servers
MacOS - Multimedia and Special Effects
Not that they're limited to these roles, it's just that's where they best perform.
by Canadamus_Prime September 07, 2005
Romantic pairings (usually from movies, TV, video games etc.) that are dreamed up by uber-fans who were obviously high on crack.
Yuffie and Rufus from FFVII is defiantly a crack pairing.
by canadamus_prime December 22, 2007

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