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A known person to play games.Often hated by peers.
"Nobody likes a wet Wani!"
by WAGE-Admins January 14, 2012
Urban Alligator; a human form gator that lives in a city, or is transient.
There goes Wani! Everybody loves Wani. He is awesome.
by Alligator March 30, 2005
Wanis are annoying and clingy creatures with irritatingly large egos by calling themselves the 'king' of everywhere and everyone. They are so desperate that after a few weeks of talking they act like you've been married for 5 years. Wanis have no brain cells and are overly obsessive+ they are retareded:)
Omg sion phoned me 9 times, he's such a wani sion

Wani alert, wani alertbeware
by Lololosiansleibach March 14, 2014
when there is fuzz all over your penis and balls.
Yo, you need to clean that wanis off your shit"
by Dave Lytle June 17, 2005
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